The tikis are watching...

The tikis are watching...

Hey, so, remember there was that thing, that new thing, that new thing I was working on, and I didn’t feel ready to talk about it yet? I’m talking about it now.

My big project is this: I’m taking my existing site for tiki mug collectors, Ooga-Mooga, and making it better. It’s getting re-written from the ground up. Still not ready to blab about it completely, as I think it’s best to wait to talk about new ventures until they’re done and real and you can poke them with a stick. But OH CARP it’s already so much fun, and it’s time to get the Ooga-Mooga users excited about what’s coming (and help them brace for the changes).

I’m going to be honest with you, it’s nerve-wracking making this announcement. I’m on pins and needles. I hope folks are able to set aside the very natural (and very understandable) BUT I DON’T LIKE CHANGE reaction. So far, the response has been warm and good and supportive.

Read my announcement in a post on the embarrassingly stale Ooga-Mooga blog: Ooga-Mooga is Ooverdue for an Ooverhaul.
(Seriously—there’s a “Ooga-Mooga on MySpace” link in the sidebar. Ow, my 2005 is showing.)

7 Responses to “My Secret Project Just Got a Little Less Secret”

  1. Marlene Cross says:

    I know this will be a big undertaking and you will do a great job with it. I don’t remember what the issue was before with paying online for a subscription to your site, but I remember that was a block for me. FYI…I use AOL for email but do have a gmail account that I don’t monitor. I use Paypal and prefer Firefox. I look forward to the change and think it is great that you are asking for comments. Best of luck to you.

  2. Humuhumu says:

    Mahalo, Marlene!

    Maybe try subscribing again… usually these problems are due to temporary screwiness on the PayPal side, so maybe it’ll work now. If not, email me the error you see (send it to, and we’ll get you sorted.

  3. Debbie Whitehead says:

    I think it’s great!!! I let my subscription expire because it was getting overwhelming for me to try to keep up with my mugs. Mostly my issue since the mugs were all over the house but mostly in boxes.

    Now we’re in a new house with a new bar and I’ll be unpacking all the mugs and setting them up. It will be a fantastic time to resubscribe and get my mugs in order.

    I’m not always fond of change but I’m looking foward to seeing the new and improved OM.

  4. Humuhumu says:

    That’s awesome, Debbie! I know the feeling — my collection is out-of-date on Ooga-Mooga, too. Congratulations on the new house and bar!

  5. Kavika says:

    Ooga-Mooga on MySpace IS a little behind the times; however, your site is wonderful and I look forward to the new one!

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  7. Kavika says:

    The site has gone bye bye…