Levon & Zevon

After each of us being about 10 years cat-free, we broke down. We got these two sweet little guys last Tuesday, from the SF SPCA (highly recommended). It was our 2nd wedding anniversary last Tuesday, and this seemed like a nice way to mark it.

They’re named Levon (LEE-von, for Levon Helm) and Zevon (ZEE-von, for Warren Zevon); Levon is a girl, Zevon is a boy, and they’re from the same litter. They’re 12 weeks old now, and obviously adorable, leaving our hearts in a constant puddle-y state. Kitten-proofing the house has been a bit of an undertaking, and will require constant vigilance as they get bigger and stronger and able to get into new things. They’ve already given me a few minor heart attacks, but I’m getting used to them behaving like they’re made out of indestructible rubber.

Zevon is the cuddly one (turns out we named them backwards), and likes to smoosh his face into yours. Levon is smaller, and somehow simultaneously more awkward and more capable of jumping and climbing. The only way we can reliably tell them apart is that Levon has about 12 white hairs on her chest.

For those who are allergic to cats: they’re only allowed upstairs, where we have hardwood floors, and not in the tiki bar/guest bedroom downstairs where we do our entertaining. The space downstairs is impossible to cat-proof, so we may not ever let them down there. For the foreseeable future, unless you have a severe allergy, you may be fine at our house. Please try coming over and let us know how it goes!

Speaking of that… we could use some help socializing the little buggers. Send us a note if you’d like to come over and play with them.