I officially now know why people choose Pachelbel’s Canon in D for their processional music at their weddings.  It used to puzzle me a little bit, but now I get it.

Picking something else that’s appropriate is daunting.

The music that’s played while people wander in, the music that’s played for the processional, and then the music that’s played as the bride walks down the aisle—it’s the shortest but most important mix tape of your life. Each piece has to be perfect but also has to fit with the other pieces.

Pachelbel works, and everyone knows it, so they go with it.

No disrespect to Johann, but ours will be a Pachelbel-free wedding. Humu has her music picked out. I’m working on selecting mine. And it’s a lot harder than I anticipated.

5 Responses to “The Most Important Mix Tape Of Your Life”

  1. Wow! Congratulations, Trott! Sounds like life is going really well for you! And your fiance looks cuter than three buttons put together.

  2. Tom Neely says:

    we hired a classical guitar player for our wedding and told him to play whatever he like while people were filing in and then cannon when adrienne walked down then isle, and finally to play something joyful and triumphant as we both walked back up the isle together. we kinda passed the buck but it worked out great.

  3. Anu says:

    My thoughts:
    a) write your own!
    b) “We Are The Champions”
    c) Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars!

  4. elaine trott says:

    Hugo & I agree with Anu’s ‘c’ choice.

  5. elaine trott says:

    No decision yet? Hope you’re not having an aural argument:::::::